Thursday, 25 November 2010

Take a picture...

Take a picture of the moment,
Because it might never happen again.
You won’t remember it in five years time.
The people in it might not be there anymore.
The place you’re in might be gone.
You might not want to do it anymore.
You might not be able to do it another time.

Take a picture of the moment,
So you can capture the smiles on someone’s face.
So you can see what your children looked like once upon a time.
So you can remember where you went.
So you can tell a story about what it was like then.
So others can see how you looked.
So you can show someone where you’ve been.

Take a picture of the moment,
When you were at your happiest.
When you were with someone who made you laugh.
When you were with a person you miss.
When you were somewhere you could be you.
When you were being successful.
When you were trying to succeed.

Just take a picture...

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