Friday, 22 April 2011

Lost cause...

I'm a lost cause,
a hopeless case,
freaked out to boot,
just not in the right head space

Can't tell you why,
as it's far too fraught,
but all the same,
I'm not capable of rational thought.

I feel lost at sea,
my heart & head can't agree,
struggling through a storm,
unreliable, unstable & simply not me.

Living a poor second best,
whilst my inner turmoil grows,
Unable to give to those around me,
Not sure if my fear shows.

Constantly hiding my feelings,
so that I can show face,
being cheerful non-stop,
seemingly full of good grace.

I know I can only stay like this,
for a short time until,
Something or someone,
Makes life feel once more, real.

Until this point I'm trying my best.
And that will have to be good enough.
I'm not going to apologise,
Cos there's nothing more left.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Did you know..

That every time we say goodbye a little piece of me leaves with you,
When I can't hear your voice my heart cries,
If you're not holding me I feel lost,
At those times you are not by my side I lose my way.

I think of you when I wake & when I go to sleep,
I count the minutes till I next see your face,
I hold my breath when the phone rings and I know its you calling,
I find my path when your hand is guiding me.

You are my beacon in the dark,
My map when I'm drifting,
When I have you with me I feel complete,
My Love, You are my life & I thank you.