Sunday, 20 March 2011

One way or another

Drift on, life passing by,
making choices, 
your road to determine through thick & thin.
People coming & going,
affecting you, in small ways and big,
for a short time or long,
for one reason or another,
never knowing when you meet which it will be,
till they move on.

Drift on, life passing by,
actions taken, decisions made,
some minor with no consequence beyond that moment,
others momentus, life changing,
affecting not only you,
but all those around you too,
in one way or another,
sometimes not realising it has done so,
until it has happened.

Drift on, life passing by,
words said, conversations finished,
without thought, just rushed, no care,
no stopping to consider that what is said might hurt,
or hinder, 
affecting not only those around you,
but you too,
one way or another.
A word badly spoken, or not even said at all,
is known immediately & forever.