Thursday, 25 November 2010

Take a picture...

Take a picture of the moment,
Because it might never happen again.
You won’t remember it in five years time.
The people in it might not be there anymore.
The place you’re in might be gone.
You might not want to do it anymore.
You might not be able to do it another time.

Take a picture of the moment,
So you can capture the smiles on someone’s face.
So you can see what your children looked like once upon a time.
So you can remember where you went.
So you can tell a story about what it was like then.
So others can see how you looked.
So you can show someone where you’ve been.

Take a picture of the moment,
When you were at your happiest.
When you were with someone who made you laugh.
When you were with a person you miss.
When you were somewhere you could be you.
When you were being successful.
When you were trying to succeed.

Just take a picture...

Monday, 15 November 2010

Once, twice..

Three times...

Anyone would have thought I couldn't learn from my mistakes.
Instead, I just go ahead and make new ones.
Huge, imaginative, spectacular,
new mistakes,
which sit on my head like a crown!

Once I was known as the sum of my parts,
now I'm seen as the result of my actions.
If only they knew.

I make a mistake once, then
make a different one.
It's not the case that I am incapable,
don't listen,
I'm human.


What else would you have me be?

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Where did the time go?

Where did all the time go?

For once you were small enough for me to hold in in my arms,
with fingers which curled around mine,
and soft, downy hair, like first snowfall.

You used to need me for everything,
I was your warmth, your comfort, you had only to ask
and I provided.

Even as you learned to take your first steps,
to say your first words, to feed yourself,
I was still your nurse if you fell, your dictionary, your maid.

Then all of a sudden,

You just don't need me so much any more,
you're dressed & have made your own breakfast,
you're school bag is packed and by the front door.

You have friends to home with after school,
and make your own plans for the weekend,
with just the request for a lift home sometimes.

I hardly see you any more, let alone brush your hair,
help you clean your teeth, or tie your laces.
Where did the time go my not-so-little-one?


Am I less of a person.....

            Because I need the love of an other?
            Because I don’t celebrate my own success?
            Because I can’t put my own needs first?
            Because I find it hard to accept compliments?
            Because I occasionally turn away and shed a tear?
            Because I long to have a moment of peace?
            Because I hate the thought of hurting someone?

If this is what it is to be an incomplete person...

I don’t want to be whole.

Is it too much...

Is it too much to ask for
Someone to love me
For who I am,
Not as mummy,
Or nurse or therapist,
Or cook, cleaner & maid?

Am I selfish to want
Someone who loves me
Because I can think
For myself,
Make a decision or
Come to a conclusion without
Asking for permission?

Dare I ask for someone
Who looks to me for
More than just
Confirmation of what
They already think,
Or needs me to agree with
Everything they say?

Must I be content
With looking to myself
To satisfy my longings
Or ignoring by body’s
Feelings, needs, wants and desires?

Shall I bottle up my
Sadness, my hurt, my loneliness.
Hold back at those times
When I feel joy or gladness
And wonder at the world around me?

Is it too much to ask?
Am I too selfish?
Dare I ask?
Must I be content?
Do I bottle it up?

Or is there something better out there for me to find?