Saturday, 13 November 2010

Is it too much...

Is it too much to ask for
Someone to love me
For who I am,
Not as mummy,
Or nurse or therapist,
Or cook, cleaner & maid?

Am I selfish to want
Someone who loves me
Because I can think
For myself,
Make a decision or
Come to a conclusion without
Asking for permission?

Dare I ask for someone
Who looks to me for
More than just
Confirmation of what
They already think,
Or needs me to agree with
Everything they say?

Must I be content
With looking to myself
To satisfy my longings
Or ignoring by body’s
Feelings, needs, wants and desires?

Shall I bottle up my
Sadness, my hurt, my loneliness.
Hold back at those times
When I feel joy or gladness
And wonder at the world around me?

Is it too much to ask?
Am I too selfish?
Dare I ask?
Must I be content?
Do I bottle it up?

Or is there something better out there for me to find?

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