Saturday, 7 May 2011

Living on someone else's time...

On someone else's time you always watch the clock,
On someone else's time you can never relax,
On someone else's time they never feel like they are truly yours,
On someone else's time there's no room to do nothing.

In someone else's life you always have to come second,
In someone else's life it's never free of pressure,
In someone else's life you feel like you're intruding,
In someone else's life conversation is hesitant, not easy.

In someone else's space you are always looking behind you,
In someone else's space you can't be yourself,
In someone else's space there's no freedom,
And in someone else's space you leave no trace you were there.

There's something missing.

For a little while now I've been aware,
that a feeling of emptiness has been growing
inside me,
Like there's something missing.

I've used every moment I've had to spare,
to consider this absence,
now I know,
just what it is that's missing.

Whilst one one hand I feel relieved to know,
on the other I wake with fear,
realising just why,
I feel like there's something missing.

Because there's nothing I can do to fill,
the void which has grown,
and I stay living,
with something missing.