Sunday, 14 July 2013

Black White

Black is the absence of colour
White is far too much

Black shows your best side or hides you away
White reveals you at your worst

Dark hides the pain
Light shows the world for what it really is

Dark comforts when hope feels far away
Light feels cold, empty

Warmth helps sooth chilled limbs
Cold makes hands hard to hold

Warmth wraps you up in a blanket of gentleness
Cold pushes you away


Flip sides of the same coin ....

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Bed of Roses

I am lying in a bed of roses,

everywhere I turn are there thorns,
my skin is torn,
my hair is tangled,
and now I dare not move.

Each strand of hair
lies wrapped,
held fast by prickles,
sharp, painful memories.

My skin, fair, rent, bleeding,
trickles of ruby-red,
like rear drops,
they hurt too. Like memories.

Every piece of clothing,
I've tried to wear,
is torn apart,
the weakness of my nakedness.

I'm lying in a bed,
a bed of sharp, sharp rose thorns,
I cannot move,
my hair is tangled,
my skin is pierced
and my clothes are worse than useless.