Thursday, 20 January 2011

In my daughters memories.....

One day I hope my daughter remembers,
All the times I picked her up and kissed her better,
How I spent night after night sitting with her
Whilst she was ill,
That it was me she cried out to when she woke
In the night scared or thirsty,
That I gave up meals to make sure she was fed
When we had next to no money,
That my bed became hers too many times to count!
And that I was a very effective hot water bottle as well.

I hope she can think fondly
Of the times we spent sitting,
Cutting & sticking, painting or stringing beads,
Of the times we played “go fish”, or Ispy,
And of course she won,
I’d like to think that one day she’ll have a kind thought
For all the times we sat on a bus and watched the world,
Or when I sat in the hospital waiting for her to come
Around from surgery.
And of course, there's all the children TV she made me watch too!

One day I hope my daughter will forgive me,
For the times I pestered her to have a shower,
Or change her clothes,
Or stop reading in the dark,
Or eat some breakfast,
Or brush her hair....

But most of all,
One day, I hope my daughter will just remember just how much I love her.

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